Goodbyes, Little Eskimo

Life is full of goodbyes

My kids who were fond of Milo had to say goodbye to him.  Milo went under surgery last year when his vet saw that he had a cancer growing in his spleen.  My in-laws’ were worried something might happen to him during our wedding so they opted to have him operated.  Almost a year after, the cancer cells has spread throughout his liver and lungs.  There was nothing else we could do for him but to put him to sleep and end his misery.

The kids gathered around him closely the day before.  He received a lot of hugs and kisses, especially from our little 1 year old who was fond of cuddling and kissing him every time she sees him.

His autistic character is not what will stay most in the hearts of those who loved him, but his tender and caring personality.  He always rushed towards our little Eskimo whenever he hears her cry and would always stay with her to guard her and make sure she’s safe.



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