The model

The First Time “Model”

Me, a model?  That is far-fetched!  I don’t have the finesse of being a ‘real‘ woman.  But a friend knows a friend who takes pictures for a hobby.  He is retired but he fills his day making beautiful pictures.  So I get to pose for half a day and be a ‘model’.

Back in the Philippines, my friends would tell me I have a 1 million dollar smile.  It is captivating they say, so I kind of gotten used to it and considered it to be one of the most beautiful aspect of me.  But when I met Fonske, he told me that I am much prettier without it.  I suddenly felt awkward because smiling has become an automatism to me whenever a picture has to be taken.  I have to smile when there’s a camera.  No one has to see all the miseries I have been through in life, that’s what I always thought.

When I arrived home, I immediately looked at the .RAW files he “dropboxed” me.  It took me days if not weeks to accept that different side of me.  I must agree, Fonske was right.  I am also pretty even without that half-moon curve on my lips.  What do you think?



Credits to: ARP pictures for this memorable experience although I don’t think, if I were prettier and younger, I would consider becoming a professional model as a career myself.  My legs were stiff afterwards!  However, I do love looking at myself in my beautiful dresses and in my beautiful shoes.


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