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9: An Efteling Party

Our little man turned 9 last May and of course we didn’t want to let this day pass without celebrating it.  He’s had so many sorts of different themed parties that it has become quite tricky to think of something that would fit his age.

His birthday fell on a Friday and I thought of taking him for a weekend at an amusement park in the Netherlands, the Efteling, to celebrate his birthday.

I cut out papers and hung the letters of his name on the wall.  He wasn’t overload with gifts.  We got him his favourite book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and a some Armani clothes.  My sister made him his favourite animal amigurumi pouch filled with sweet goodies and my mom bought him a hoverboard, Geronimo Stilton book from his aunt and a fidget spinner from my in-laws and some €.

I drove him to and from school that day and when he came home the luggages have all been packed, ready to be placed in the car.

When we arrived in our room, after checking in at the Efteling hotel, he saw a gift waiting for him on our bed.  The little man received a storybook and a voucher to shop at their stores.  A table was waiting for us at the hotel’s restaurant at dinner.  Our birthday boy sat on his throne with his birthday crown.

The following days were just awesome.  He got to sit on every ride he wanted to try at the park and saw the beautiful Ravelijn Show twice!

The weekend thereafter, he celebrated his birthday with his classmates in our garden with a Pokémon theme and received mostly €, gift vouchers from the toy store and fidget spinners.

My baby boy has grown so big.  Soon I will have a teenager  who’s taller than me walking around the house and calling me mama.  There will be a lot of challenges and he will undergo a lot of changes himself.  We are ready to back him up all the way and support him in everything.



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