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The Bermuda Grass Project

Okay, so we are back from our three-week Philippine vacation in cold Belgium!  It won’t be long before we will have a garden of our own because our indecisive minds has finally made a decision!

I am not so meticulous about how the house should look like on the outside because I have my husband for that.  If there is one thing I would really want to go into detail about, is that I want to have a bermuda grass in our backyard rather than the common grass that people use in here.

So just before we left Cebu with a heavy heart, I asked my dad if he can buy me a bermuda grass that I can place in my check-in luggage.  Luckily enough, everything went smoothly and the German customs did not stop to interrogate me what the 2 feet sausage-like roll that was tightly wrapped in plastic was.

So why bermuda grass? Here are a few reasons.

  1. While growing up, we’ve always had bermuda grass in our garden.  So it kind of bring back my childhood memories! Plus, would it not be nice if my kids get to play on a bermuda grass as well?  I don’t think they will care about it at the moment because I know I didn’t when I was their age, but they will, once they are, well, like my age now.
  2. Low maintenance! This is a great advantage!  Trust me!  I don’t remember ever seeing anyone mow their lawn with this kind of grass!  We would not need a lawnmower anymore, not that it matters because we already have one, but still!
  3. Less time consuming!  During summer, the grass they have here grows fast that you’d have to mow your lawn once a week!  Lots of work, not for me but for my husband! But like most families, the only free time one gets is on a weekend and if you have a big garden to mow, I don’t think it’d be fun anymore.  I don’t know about other families but I would rather spend some quality time together than spend a day working on your garden.
  4. It’s a crawler!  Bermuda grass spreads by itself!  So plant a small part of it on your garden and it’ll do its work.  It might take some time but trust me, sooner or later your garden will all be covered with a beautiful grass!
  5. Vivid green.  Lastly, what I love about the bermuda grass, is its vivid green color!

So off I went to the store with my little man to buy a pot and some garden soil and planted our 2 square meter of bermuda grass.



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