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59 at JPark Island Resort and Waterpark

My dad turned 59 and I wanted my kids to celebrate it together with him and I have been wanting to go visit JPark Island Resort and Waterpark.  So off we go for an overnight stay at the waterpark.  When I saw it, I didn’t know what to think of it?


It did not gave me a ‘wow’ impression at all if I may be honest, considering that we have to pay 300 euro per night in the resort.  Perhaps an overnight stay and leaving early for our Bantayan trip the following day did not allow us to enjoy most of their facilities?  But still at 300 euro a night, I can spend it at a 5 star hotel in Turkey that has more waterslides and children’s pool with meals and drinks inclusive in the price or go to Barcelona and stay at W Hotel for that matter.

But all for the sake of memories and wanting to experience things, we did what we could so my kids can spend some time with their lola and lolo.

Dinner at Havana’s was great.  Although funny their waiters did not know the difference between a beefsteak and a black Angus steak?  They nevertheless gave us a free dessert and my dad get to blow a candle on his birthday, compliments of the resort.

In the end, my parents were able to spend a day with their ‘mga apo’ (Cebuano for grandchildren) and nice memories were made and that is all that matters.

Hubby holding our little Eskimo, me, our little man, lola, lolo and my cousin
Our little Eskimo with her lolo and lola



Will we ever go back to JPark?  My answer is no.  To travel to the Philippines to visit a waterpark is absurd.  I’d rather walk along the beaches of Boracay Island over again or take my family to Coron, Palawan or Siquijor than come here again.  That and there is a really big waterpark near our place that is only half an hour drive away.



Credits to my brother, who was our personal photographer that day, for capturing every memorable moments possible.





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