For the love of ones self, Pinay

It’s all in the brows

If I am not mistaken Brooke Shields made the thick eyebrows famous back in the 1980’s with her casting the famous The Blue Lagoon movie.  But because style and fashion changes as the year progresses, pencil-lined eyebrows were matched with midriff and flared jeans back in the 90’s.  I remember so well that other girls in my high school would rather have a sanction from the guidance councillor for plucking their eyebrows.  It wasn’t decent for a teenager to have thin eyebrows according to my school.  I don’t know the exact word the nuns used then, but they basically said, “Sluts are not welcome in an all girls catholic school!”  Haha!

All of a sudden I noticed a movie clip ad on my Facebook timeline on how to contour your eyebrows and make it look full.  On TV, models and actresses now have full brows as well and so does most of my friends on Facebook.  “I have got to do something with my brows“, I thought.  So off I went to my local parfumerie and got myself  some MAC and L’Oreal’s.  I experimented and I came up with this…


Fuller than ever.  My husband personally thinks I don’t need any make up to make myself look beautiful.  But I must say, I think they look nice on me.  What do you think?





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