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Travels: The Little Diver In Boracay

There is so much to be seen underwater.  For someone who does not know how to swim, this might sound ironic.  Our little man loves to swim and so does our little Eskimo.  If only I can get him into the long waiting list of a swim club in our city, I would have done so already.

Last year in Malapascua Island he did 2 bubble maker courses.  This year he did his discovery diving course when we went to Boracay Island and he was able to dive in the Sulu Sea.  He got his certificate from a PADI instructor, a set of underwater pictures and a DVD.  A nice way for us to see what he did underwater.

We hope one day he gets to swim with sharks like what our friend Tanya does in her everyday island life in Bantayan. So we are looking for some diving courses that we can enroll him here in Belgium.

Discovery Dive in the Boracay Island costs around 30 – 45 euros.  Depending on how good you can make a deal with the diving tours on the island.  I pretty much said, “Kevin said yesterday that my son can dive for 35 euro. Do you know where I can find him?” But because these guys probably work on commission and will want to come home with something for their family, the other guy I talked to the following booked our little man for 30 euro.

When you’re on a tourist spot in the Philippines, you have to know how to bargain, whether or not you have enough money to spend in.

Our 9 year old little man
He found Nemo
Feeding the fishes











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