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Kay Pobre Man Ta

Kay pobre man. Hubby likes Thai chicken in red curry sauce. So when I told him we will have 🍚 for dinner... Hubby: Are we going to have thai for dinner? Me: No. Wala ko'y manok. Ginaling ra nga baboy kay barato ra man.  (I don't have chicken.  Only ground port because it is cheap.) Hubby: Kay… Continue reading Kay Pobre Man Ta

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Coping Homesickness

Though I have been here for more than 10 years already, most of those who I know or even strangers would think that this has become my "home".  How does one cope up with being homesick when living abroad for a while already?  Simple.  By doing small things that reminds them of their home. Like...… Continue reading Coping Homesickness