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No, I’m NOT Tired!

Our little Eskimo’s vocabulary is growing in an unimaginable way.  Impressive how our 20 month old baby girl absorbs everything that she hears and sees.  I placed a pillow around my seatbelt just before we left for the beach last Saturday because I dug my whole face in my books the night before.  I thought, a 200 km drive is enough time for me to catch a nap in the car.  She probably saw me doze off, just before she slept on her car seat all throughout our drive.  Since then she’s been saying, “Mama, sleep.” every time I place her in the car every after breakfast. Well I would always smile at her, nod and ask her in response if she were going to sleep as well.  She’d shake her head heavily and say “No!”

Not only are her verbal skills admirable but she swiftly masters her motor skills as well.  She’d want to do nothing else except for “lopen lopen” (run run) in Dutch.  So while we were used to walking at our own pace when we go out for a walk, that too seems to be history at the moment.  Our little darling loves to run around at all different and sometimes dangerous directions.

So one afternoon, after hours of lopen lopen, our very active little girl had a very busy afternoon.  She saw many things.  She wasn’t able and refused to catch some nap in her stroller.  While walking towards our hotel, I asked her if she was tired.  And well, you’d already know what she replied…

Moments later, in our room…


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