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Road To My Dreams…

They aren’t as smooth as many others.  I am self aware that the most difficult and the most challenging roads in life are what drives me and keep me going.  So, here I am.  Pushing pens at 35 to follow my dreams.  Who ever said it isn’t possible?  Many.

Fact is, to study fulltime and come home to a family of two kids is very complicated.  As a mother, I feel like I am abandoning my kids (especially my almost 2 year old little Eskimo) the moment I close the office door.  On regular weekends, I am imprisoned in our 8m2 office while my hubby takes the kids out and spend time with them.  He does the laundry and makes dinner for us whenever I can’t (which is most of the time lately).  Once a week, our cleaning lady cleans the house and does the ironing as well.  When she’s on leave, hubby does the ironing part as well.

Our little man does his homework by himself when he comes home from school.  He plays together with his sister every after dinner and before going to sleep.

Yup, I’m one of the very lucky ones.  So though it took me almost 10 years (I went to school again in 2008, but I stopped and worked for a few years) to get where I am right now, I can at least say, I got myself almost to where I wanted to be — a nurse.  I still have half a year to go, if not another full year, but well, slowly but surely and one of these days I will be who I’ve always dreamt of becoming as a child.

So the moral to this story is to never give up. EVER!

road to your dreams
This is something I made to represent the journey of my dreams.

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