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Fantastic TWO!

Another year has gone and our little Eskimo is now turning 2!  One might call me the crazy mom.  I plan my kids birthdays 6 months before hand.  From party themes to give-aways.  I want to do it all on my own.  And no, my husband doesn’t need to help!

So yesterday I thought it was time to bake her cake (party’s tomorrow).  I wanted a rainbow cake with an elephant on top of it.  She goes gaga when she sees an elephant on TV!  “Papa, kijk olifant!” (Daddy, look, elephant) or “Ooooh, olifant!” with giggles in between the lines.  It is lovely to see her that way.

So this year’s theme is elephant on a hot-air balloon.  Aha!  While I haven’t had any baking 101 lessons, most of my experiences in baking is based on a trial and error method.  Thankfully, I live beside my in-laws and my father-in-law was a baker.  Though I don’t get any support from it, except for, “I don’t understand why you would want to bake, you don’t even know what you are doing.  You don’t know what materials to use.  You don’t have any clue on what you are doing! YOU ARE NOT A BAKER!”  Well these days, I just decided to not react to those degrading remarks.  After all, he educates me with some of his baking knowledge at some point.  Like, I should let the cake rest until it has fully cooled down before decorating it.  Now my rainbow cake is just and inch or so thick so there was no need to let it rest overnight.  He also checked if my cakes were ready, in which I appreciate.

Does one need to have a diploma to start baking something?  NO!  There is of course YouTube nowadays along with all the amazing things you can find online!  So while browsing, I came across Cupcake Jemma’s YouTube channel and I used it as an inspiration to my rainbow cake.  It is also really easy and really good!  One must try it!

For the elephant topper, I basically watched The Lovely Baker’s YouTube channel.  I tweaked my elephant to personalize it and match it with my little Eskimo’s personality–sweet and adorable.

So I present to you, our little Eskimo’s birthday cake!

megumi 2 cake


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