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Fantastic TWO: Take 2

I looked everywhere for her birthday crown the day before.  But alas, I had to sew her a new one.  She didn’t quite knew what was going to happen that day.  I suppose she’s way too young to realize.  However, she’s been singing the happy birthday song in Dutch for days.

So when she got up this morning, she greeted both me and her dad a good morning with big smiles and drool falling out of one side of her mouth.  She’s still cute for some reason.  I got her out of bed and asked her what she would want for breakfast.  I thought or I had hoped she’d say pancakes because she’s been feeding her doll, Sam, make-believe pancakes for days.  To my surprise she answered, “kip!“–chicken for Dutch!  Erm??? I tickled her and told her it’s early for chicken.  The little man would always ask 2 sunny side-ups for breakfasts on his birthday (well on any other days as well…) but the little Eskimo? She prefers kip!

I put on her jogging outfit so she could still run around the house and well, get herself dirty.  She then had her bottle of milk (yes, she’s still very much attached with her bottles) but later on she sat with us at the table for some light breakfast.

We drove to the coffee bar, ‘T Mijn Kopje, where she was going to have her party.  Dressed in light pink dress, ivory cardigan and pink coat with pink ballerinas on, she looked like a little lady.  When we arrived, her aunt, uncle and cousins together with her lola’s cousin were already seated at our table.  Shy, she didn’t want to greet everyone.  Rose, my Filipina friend followed us. Her lola and lolo followed and 3 of her previous caretakers at daycare arrived last.

She opened her gifts and she was so overwhelmed by the little things she received from everyone.  She ate well for lunch and then came the candle blowing of the cake!  I was so scared but she did it and we did not even practice!  She burst into giggles when she saw the elephant on the cake!

She was surrounded with the people that cares about her.  That made her happy most of all.



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