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A Decade of Existence

So our little man turned 10 a few months ago - almost a teenager. He's showing some traits of it as well ūüėĪ. But 10 is a round number and that makes it special! People in here will never understand but as a Filipino, we celebrate birthdays in big numbers and big parties! And although… Continue reading A Decade of Existence

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Fantastic TWO: Take 2

I looked everywhere for her birthday crown the day before. ¬†But alas, I had to sew her a new one. ¬†She didn't quite knew what was going to happen that day. ¬†I suppose she's way too young to realize. ¬†However, she's been singing the happy birthday song in Dutch for days. So when she got… Continue reading Fantastic TWO: Take 2

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Pinoy Dessert on NYE

Hubby has been wanting Brazo de Mercedes since we went to the Philippines the last 2 consecutive years. ¬†Unlucky him, the dessert is either not on the menu or restaurants stopped serving them. ¬†But he didn't quite run out of luck when we went to Bantayan Island. ¬†Our friend Tanya knows a local baker who… Continue reading Pinoy Dessert on NYE

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Not Bad, This Pinay Is Another Year Older

You read the title! ¬†Guess how old young? ¬†I still belong to the young adult stage in life, to make myself feel better. We spent our day by the beach yesterday--just the four of us is special enough for me. ¬†Although it was too windy. ¬†I don't understand why I love going there during this… Continue reading Not Bad, This Pinay Is Another Year Older