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Fantastic TWO: Take 2

I looked everywhere for her birthday crown the day before.  But alas, I had to sew her a new one.  She didn't quite knew what was going to happen that day.  I suppose she's way too young to realize.  However, she's been singing the happy birthday song in Dutch for days. So when she got… Continue reading Fantastic TWO: Take 2

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Fantastic TWO!

Another year has gone and our little Eskimo is now turning 2!  One might call me the crazy mom.  I plan my kids birthdays 6 months before hand.  From party themes to give-aways.  I want to do it all on my own.  And no, my husband doesn't need to help! So yesterday I thought it… Continue reading Fantastic TWO!

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Not Bad, This Pinay Is Another Year Older

You read the title!  Guess how old young?  I still belong to the young adult stage in life, to make myself feel better. We spent our day by the beach yesterday--just the four of us is special enough for me.  Although it was too windy.  I don't understand why I love going there during this… Continue reading Not Bad, This Pinay Is Another Year Older

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Vaderdag: D.I.Y. Cadeau

Eén van de zoveel dingen waar ik van hou is knutselen.  Natuurlijk is knutselen veel beter nu dat mijn "chikitings" (kapoentjes in mijn taal) er zijn.  Het is een stuk van mij aan hen doorgeven en tijd doorbrengen met hen op een goedkope maar educatieve manier is onbetaalbaar.  Dus dit is alleen maar een win-win situatie, niet?… Continue reading Vaderdag: D.I.Y. Cadeau