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The Photographer

Photography is a therapy, but modelling is too!  So while hubby was able to practice studio photography using a friend's studio, the kids and I became his first subject.  You've seen my previous shots, I wasn't much of a model at all!  However and without a doubt, our little darlings are.  Well of course that… Continue reading The Photographer

Little Eskimo, Little Man, Mommy Life

Vaderdag: D.I.Y. Cadeau

Eén van de zoveel dingen waar ik van hou is knutselen.  Natuurlijk is knutselen veel beter nu dat mijn "chikitings" (kapoentjes in mijn taal) er zijn.  Het is een stuk van mij aan hen doorgeven en tijd doorbrengen met hen op een goedkope maar educatieve manier is onbetaalbaar.  Dus dit is alleen maar een win-win situatie, niet?… Continue reading Vaderdag: D.I.Y. Cadeau

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62: Flying Kisses and Wishes

My mother-in-law turned 62 today.  Stress is a fact for both sides.  What do you expect?  We are two different generations and we have our own routines in life and my life certainly does not turn around keeping the house prim and proper throughout the week.  But that aside, I know they want what they think… Continue reading 62: Flying Kisses and Wishes