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Hello Kindergarten, I’m…

In a few hours our little Eskimo will start her first day of pre-school.  Another milestone, another step of letting go our baby and welcoming the toddler stage.  I personally have a lot of difficulties in letting go this stage of my kids' lives, but she's ready for it, so who am I to hinder… Continue reading Hello Kindergarten, I’m…

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A Decade of Existence

So our little man turned 10 a few months ago - almost a teenager. He's showing some traits of it as well 😱. But 10 is a round number and that makes it special! People in here will never understand but as a Filipino, we celebrate birthdays in big numbers and big parties! And although… Continue reading A Decade of Existence

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Pinoy Dessert on NYE

Hubby has been wanting Brazo de Mercedes since we went to the Philippines the last 2 consecutive years.  Unlucky him, the dessert is either not on the menu or restaurants stopped serving them.  But he didn't quite run out of luck when we went to Bantayan Island.  Our friend Tanya knows a local baker who… Continue reading Pinoy Dessert on NYE

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Not Bad, This Pinay Is Another Year Older

You read the title!  Guess how old young?  I still belong to the young adult stage in life, to make myself feel better. We spent our day by the beach yesterday--just the four of us is special enough for me.  Although it was too windy.  I don't understand why I love going there during this… Continue reading Not Bad, This Pinay Is Another Year Older